versor  3.0
C++11 library for Geometric algebra
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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CRenderable< vsr::Field< T > >

the versor library namespace

 Ncga3D Conformal Geometric Algebra Namespace
 NngaND Generic Operations

An algebra instance is templated on:

 Calgebra_impl< Algebra, false, false >
 Calgebra_impl< Algebra, false, true >
 Calgebra_impl< Algebra, true, false >
 Call_bladesAll blades within a spatial dim upto and including maxgrade
 Call_blades< dim, 0 >Limiting case of grade 0 (scalar)
 CbladeMetafunction to construct a basis blade type from spatial dimension and subspace grade
 Cblade< dim, 0 >Limiting case of grade 0 (scalar)
 CConicConic transforms

convex (and other assorted) hulls assembled into a half edge graph

 CCubicLatticeDiscretized Volume Indexing (Isometric Cubic Lattice w/o data)
 CFieldA Basic 3D Field (slowly porting this over from the now defunct vsr_lattice class) Use to Evaluate Neighbors, Tensors, etc
 CGroupA Group of Operations called with group( sometype t ) or group( vector<sometype> t) V are versors any dimension, etc DualLines in cga2D or DualPlanes in cga3D or Circles
 CHEGraphTemplated half edge structure (pointers to any type) Navigates references to surface topology of data only (DOES NOT STORE DATA)
 CLatticeND lattice, on a metric specified by V's type. Not a group, but a group can be made from it
 CMultivectorGeneric Geometric Number Types (templated on an algebra and a basis )
 Cnamed_types< algebra_impl< alg, false, true > >
 Cnamed_types< algebra_impl< alg, true, false > >
 CNbrData Structure of Neighbors in a cartesian volume (left, right, bottom, top, front, back)
 CNCubeND Cube
 CNCube< 1 >1D Cube
 CNData< 1, T >
 CPatchInfo Container for Euler integration of a 2d Field
 CRandProbability Density Functions
 CRootGoal is to use generators to collect all the unique transformations of the group, so we can apply them easily later
 CSimpleGroupSimple Reflection Group (no translating or gliding spinors)
 CVPatchVolume Patch Info Container for Euler integration of a 3d Field