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C++11 library for Geometric algebra
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vsr::CubicLattice< LPnt > Class Template Reference

Discretized Volume Indexing (Isometric Cubic Lattice w/o data) More...

#include <vsr_cubicLattice.h>

Public Member Functions

 CubicLattice (int _w=1, int _h=1, int _d=1, double _sx=1.0, double _sy=1.0, double _sz=1.0)
void onDestroy ()
CubicLatticeresize (int _w, int _h, int _d, double _sx=1.0, double _sy=1.0, double _sz=1.0)
int w () const
int h () const
int d () const
int num () const
int numVxl () const
int idx (int i, int j, int k=0) const
 Get Index In Array.
Vxl vxl (int ix) const
Vxlvxl (int ix)
Nbr nbr (int ix) const
Nbrnbr (int ix)
Nbr nbrVxl (int ix) const
NbrnbrVxl (int ix)
double tw () const
 Total Width.
double ow () const
 Offset Width.
double th () const
 Total Height.
double oh () const
 Offset Height.
double td () const
 Total Depth.
double od () const
 Offset Depth.
double px (int i) const
 Spatial Positions of ith element in x direction.
double py (int j) const
 Spatial Positions of jth element in y direction.
double pz (int k) const
 Spatial Positions of kth element in z direction.
void alloc ()
void initPoints ()
void init ()
template<class V >
Vxl vxlAt (const V &tv) const
 Voxel of Vector v.
template<class V >
bound (const V &p) const
template<class V >
range2D (const V &v) const
template<class V >
range (const V &v) const
void FE (Nbr nb)
 Routines to Find Face and Edge Boundary.
void vxlFE (Nbr nb)
Patch surfIdx (double u, double v)
 Indicex of surface at u, v [0, 1].
VPatch vidx (double u, double v, double w) const
 Volume Index at u,v,w [0-1].
Patch idxU (double t)
 Indices of Line at T.
LPnt & gridAt (int w=0, int h=0, int d=0)
 Set grid data by Coordinate.
LPnt gridAt (int w=0, int h=0, int d=0) const
 Get grid data by Coordinate.
LPnt & grid (int i)
 Set Grid (position) Data.
LPnt grid (int i) const
 Get Grid (position) Data.
LPnt surf (double u, double v)
LPnt surfGrid (double u, double v)
LPnt surfPnt (double u, double v)
vector< int > & face ()
int face (int ix) const
vector< int > & faceVxl ()
Vxl faceVxl (int ix)
LPnt * gridPtr () const
void gridPtr (LPnt *lp)
void initPoints ()

Protected Attributes

int mWidth
int mHeight
int mDepth
int mNum
int mNumVxl
double mSpacingX
double mSpacingY
double mSpacingZ
LPnt * mPoint
vector< int > mFace
vector< int > mEdge
vector< int > mCorner
vector< int > mFaceVxl
vector< int > mEdgeVxl
vector< int > mCornerVxl

Detailed Description

template<class LPnt>
class vsr::CubicLattice< LPnt >

Discretized Volume Indexing (Isometric Cubic Lattice w/o data)

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