versor  3.0
C++11 library for Geometric algebra
Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 Cvsr::algebra< metric_type, value_type >

An algebra instance is templated on:

 Cvsr::algebra_impl< Algebra, Euclidean, Conformal >
 Cvsr::algebra_impl< Algebra, false, false >
 Cvsr::algebra_impl< Algebra, false, true >
 Cvsr::algebra_impl< Algebra, true, false >
 Cvsr::all_blades< dim, grade >All blades within a spatial dim upto and including maxgrade
 Cvsr::all_blades< dim, 0 >Limiting case of grade 0 (scalar)
 Cvsr::blade< dim, grade >Metafunction to construct a basis blade type from spatial dimension and subspace grade
 Cvsr::blade< dim, 0 >Limiting case of grade 0 (scalar)
 Cvsr::ConicConic transforms
 Cvsr::cga::ConstrainMethods for Evaluating Constrained Points using Intersections of Sphere-based Distances
 Cvsr::cga::ConstructConstructive syntactic sugar for making geometric elements
 Cvsr::ConvexHull< DIM >

convex (and other assorted) hulls assembled into a half edge graph

 Cvsr::cga::CoupledTwistCoupled Twist Shape Generation x, y, z (after Rosenhahn et al)
 Cvsr::CubicLattice< LPnt >Discretized Volume Indexing (Isometric Cubic Lattice w/o data)
 Cvsr::CubicLattice< T::space::point >
 Cvsr::cga::CyclideQuadCylclidic Net (four tangent frames)
 Cvsr::Data< T >
 Cvsr::cga::DistancePtrHolds a pointer to a source, and has a radius t, the operator() generates a dual sphere at source with radius t
 Cvsr::Simplex< N >::Edge
 Cvsr::nga::EucOperations on Euclidean Types
 Cvsr::Simplex< N >::Face
 Cvsr::HEGraph< T >::Face
 Cvsr::nga::FlatGeneric ND Operations On Flat Typese.g
 Cvsr::cga::Flat3D operations on Flat types
 Cvsr::cga::FrameOrthonormal Frame composed from a Position and Orientation
 Cvsr::GAE< algebra >
 Cvsr::nga::GenGeneric ND Transformations and their Generators
 Cvsr::cga::GenGenerators and Logarithms Optimized for 3D Conformal Geometric Algebra
 Cvsr::SpaceGroup3D< V >::Glide
 Cvsr::SpaceGroup3D< V >::GlideParameter
 Cvsr::Group< V >A Group of Operations called with group( sometype t ) or group( vector<sometype> t) V are versors any dimension, etc DualLines in cga2D or DualPlanes in cga3D or Circles
 Cvsr::HEGraph< T >::HalfEdge

HALF EDGE Data structure

 Cvsr::HEGraph< T >Templated half edge structure (pointers to any type) Navigates references to surface topology of data only (DOES NOT STORE DATA)
 Cvsr::HEGraph< Type >

Hopf Fibration

 Cvsr::Lattice< DIM, V >ND lattice, on a metric specified by V's type. Not a group, but a group can be made from it
 Cvsr::Multivector< algebra_type, basis_type >Generic Geometric Number Types (templated on an algebra and a basis )
 Cvsr::Multivector< 5 >
 Cvsr::Multivector< N+1 >
 Cvsr::named_types< A >
 Cvsr::named_types< algebra_impl< alg, false, true > >
 Cvsr::named_types< algebra_impl< alg, true, false > >
 Cvsr::NbrData Structure of Neighbors in a cartesian volume (left, right, bottom, top, front, back)
 Cvsr::NCube< DIM >ND Cube
 Cvsr::NCube< 1 >1D Cube
 Cvsr::NE< T >
 Cvsr::HEGraph< T >::Node

A Node stores address of value of type T and pointer to an emanating edge

 Cvsr::cga::NTwistGENERIC n-TWIST mechanism
 Cvsr::nga::OpOperations on All Types
 Cvsr::cga::OpExtraction of axis-angle orientation and 3D position features from Multivectors
 Cvsr::PointGroup3D< V >::OpIdx
 Cvsr::cga::PantographPANTOGRAPH for scissor-like kinematics
 Cvsr::PatchInfo Container for Euler integration of a 2d Field
 Cvsr::nga::Proj< DIM >Projection fron ND Euclidean down to 3D
 Cvsr::nga::Proj< 2 >
 Cvsr::nga::Proj< 3 >
 Cvsr::RandProbability Density Functions
 Cvsr::cga::RigRig has n spherical constraints to satisfy (try using fabrik solver here)
 Cvsr::cga::RigidA Rigid Constraint Node set by Three Distance Pointers
 Cvsr::cga::RigidNodeGeneric Rigid Constraint Node
 Cvsr::RootGoal is to use generators to collect all the unique transformations of the group, so we can apply them easily later
 Cvsr::nga::RoundOperations on Round types (Points, Point Pairs, Circles, Spheres, N-Spheres)
 Cvsr::cga::Round3D operations on Round types (Points, Point Pairs, Circles, Spheres)
 Cvsr::Set< T >
 Cvsr::Set< vsr::Distance< T > * >
 Cvsr::SimpleGroup< V >Simple Reflection Group (no translating or gliding spinors)
 Cvsr::Simplex< N >
 Cvsr::cga::Simplicial< DIM >
 Cvsr::nga::TangentGeneric ND Operations on a Tangent
 Cvsr::cga::Tangent3D operations on Tangent types
 Cvsr::cga::TangentFrameFrame Tangent to Surface
 Cvsr::cga::TwistDecomposed Dual Line (As a Bivector and Direction Vector to it )
 Cvsr::VPatchVolume Patch Info Container for Euler integration of a 3d Field