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C++11 library for Geometric algebra
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vsr::cga::HopfFiber Class Reference

Hopf Fibration More...

#include <vsr_fiber.h>

Public Member Functions

 HopfFiber (bool hand=true)
Circir ()
const Cir cir () const
Vecvec ()
Vec vec () const
double & phase ()
double phase () const
Dll dll ()
auto mtt (double theta, double phi) -> decltype(Mot()*Trv())
Trv trv (double theta, double phi)
Mot mot (double theta, double phi)
Cir fiber (double theta, double phi)
 Feed in Coordinates of a 2-Sphere, get 3-Sphere Fiber out.
Cir fiber (const Vec &v)
Cir fiberA ()
Cir fiberB ()
Lin lim (double theta)
vector< Cirpoles (double theta, double phi)
Pnt phase (double theta, double phi, double phs)
Pnt pnt ()

Detailed Description

Hopf Fibration

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