versor  3.0
C++11 library for Geometric algebra
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vsr::Rand Struct Reference

Probability Density Functions. More...

#include <vsr_stat.h>

Static Public Member Functions

static void Seed ()
static void Seed (int num)
static double Num ()
 Number Between 0 and 1;.
static double Num (double max)
 Number Between 0 and max.
static double Num (double low, double high)
 Number Between low and high.
static bool Boolean ()
 Random Boolean.
static int Int (int high, int low=0)
 Integer between high and low.
static double Uniform ()
 Uniform Distribution [0,1) More...
static double Pareto (double scale, double shape=1.0)
 Normal (Gaussian) Distribution. More...

Detailed Description

Probability Density Functions.

Member Function Documentation

static double vsr::Rand::Pareto ( double  scale,
double  shape = 1.0 

Normal (Gaussian) Distribution.

Exponential Distribution Power Law Distribution

static double vsr::Rand::Uniform ( )

Uniform Distribution [0,1)

Uniform Distribution [0,1)

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