versor  3.0
C++11 library for Geometric algebra
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vsr::nga Namespace Reference

ND Generic Operations. More...


struct  Euc
 Operations on Euclidean Types. More...
struct  Flat
 Generic ND Operations On Flat Typese.g. More...
struct  Gen
 Generic ND Transformations and their Generators. More...
struct  Op
 Operations on All Types. More...
struct  Proj
 Projection fron ND Euclidean down to 3D. More...
struct  Proj< 2 >
struct  Proj< 3 >
struct  Round
 Operations on Round types (Points, Point Pairs, Circles, Spheres, N-Spheres) More...
struct  Tangent
 Generic ND Operations on a Tangent. More...


template<class X >
constexpr VSR_PRECISION dot (X x)
template<class X , class... XS>
constexpr VSR_PRECISION dot (X x, XS...xs)

Detailed Description

ND Generic Operations.

See also
vsr::cga for Operations documentation