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C++11 library for Geometric algebra
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vsr::PointGroup3D< V > Struct Template Reference
Inheritance diagram for vsr::PointGroup3D< V >:
vsr::Group< V > vsr::SpaceGroup3D< V >


struct  OpIdx

Public Types

using Biv = typename V::space::Biv
using Vec = typename V::space::Vec
- Public Types inherited from vsr::Group< V >
using Trs = typename V::space::translator
 Trs is the translator type of whatever conformal metric we are in.

Public Member Functions

 PointGroup3D (int p, int q, bool abar=false, bool bbar=false, bool abbar=false)
template<class T >
vector< T > operator() (const T &p)
template<class T >
vector< T > operator() (const vector< T > &p)
void seed (const Vec &vec=Vec(.213,.659, 1.6967).unit())
template<class T >
vector< T > apply (const T &p)
auto ab () -> auto
auto ac () -> auto
auto bc () -> auto
- Public Member Functions inherited from vsr::Group< V >
 Group (vector< V > v)
template<class T >
vector< T > operator() (const T &p)
 Applies all operators on p motif and returns results.
template<class T >
vector< T > operator() (const vector< T > &p)
 Applies all operations on a vector of type T.

Public Attributes

vector< OpIdxopIdx
- Public Attributes inherited from vsr::Group< V >
int numSimple
 number of simple roots used to generate group
vector< V > ops
 Pin Operators (Vec, etc)
vector< decltype(V()*V())> sops
 Spin Operators (Rot, etc)
vector< decltype(V()*V()*V())> tops
 Triple Reflection (abbar 3d group)
vector< decltype(V()*Trs())> gops
 Glide Operators.
vector< decltype(V()*V()*Trs())> scrops
 Screw Operators (Motor)

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