versor  3.0
C++11 library for Geometric algebra
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vsr::cga::NTwist Class Reference

GENERIC n-TWIST mechanism. More...

#include <vsr_twist.h>

Public Member Functions

 NTwist (int n)
Dlloperator[] (int idx)
 Gets raw data (dual line) of twist.
Dll operator[] (int idx) const
Twisttwist (int idx)
 Gets Twist at idx.
Twist twist (int idx) const
double pitch (int i)
 Get Pitch.
void pitch (double theta, int i)
double period (int i)
void period (double theta, int i)
Mot mot (double t)
 Concatenated Motors (x first, then y, then z ) with weight of t.
Dll dll ()
 Averaged Generators.
void submit ()
Dll at (double t)
 Interpolated Generators (t from 0 to 1)

Detailed Description

GENERIC n-TWIST mechanism.

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