versor  3.0
C++11 library for Geometric algebra
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vsr::cga::Rigid2 Struct Reference


struct  Parents

Public Member Functions

 Rigid2 (const Pnt &res)
void set (const Pnt &res)
void add (Rigid2 *pa, Rigid2 *pb, bool m)
void reset ()
void operator() ()
void update ()
void satisfy_old (Rigid2 *r)
bool hasA (Rigid2 *r)
bool hasB (Rigid2 *r)
void satisfy_forward (Rigid2 *r)
void satisfy_backward (Rigid2 *r)
float error (Rigid2 *r)
bool checkRecalc ()
vector< Rigid2 * > satisfy (int begin, int end)
void cascade (int begin, int end)
Cir circle (int idx=0)
Pnt orbit (VSR_PRECISION t, int idx=0)
 get point at theta t around constraint orbit

Public Attributes

Point result
 Meet of parents.
int iter =0
bool bMtn
bool bCalc
bool bReCalc
vector< Parentsparents
 possibly many couples (one per valence)
vector< Rigid2 * > child

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