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C++11 library for Geometric algebra
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vsr::cga::Twist Class Reference

Decomposed Dual Line (As a Bivector and Direction Vector to it ) More...

#include <vsr_twist.h>

Public Member Functions

template<class T >
 Twist (const T &axis)
 Twist (double x, double y, double z)
template<class T >
void moveBy (const T &vec)
Vec vec ()
void set (double distance, double period)
 Set Distance and Period.
double period () const
 Period, i.e frequency, of twist (in PI units)
double pitch () const
 Pitch from 0 (othogonal, pure rotation) to 1 ( identical, pure translation )
double moment () const
 Distance from origin.
Twistalong (const Dll &d, double period, double pitch)
 given a (unit?) line, generate a dll with period and pitch along it
Rot ratio () const
Biv iphi () const
Biv pitchPlane () const
void dll (const Biv &b, const Drv &d)
Dll dll (double t) const
Dll dll () const
Dlldll ()
Mot mot () const
Biv biv () const
Drv drv () const
void period (double theta)
void pitch (double dt)
 Pass in 0 to 1 -> if 1 pitch is 1.
void ext (double e)
Mot mot (double t) const
 Get Motor at t.
void set (const Mot &m)
 Set Twist Axis From Destination Motor.

Static Public Member Functions

static Dll Along (const Dll &d, double period, double pitch)


ostream & operator<< (ostream &, const Twist &)

Detailed Description

Decomposed Dual Line (As a Bivector and Direction Vector to it )

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