versor  3.0
C++11 library for Geometric algebra
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Operations for 3D CGA. More...


 More Transformations
 Mappings and Inverse Mappings.
 CGA Macros
 For making commonly used geometric entities.


struct  vsr::cga::Op
 Extraction of axis-angle orientation and 3D position features from Multivectors. More...
struct  vsr::cga::Gen
 Generators and Logarithms Optimized for 3D Conformal Geometric Algebra. More...
struct  vsr::cga::Construct
 constructive syntactic sugar for making geometric elements More...
struct  vsr::cga::Round
 3D operations on Round types (Points, Point Pairs, Circles, Spheres) More...
struct  vsr::cga::Flat
 3D operations on Flat types More...
struct  vsr::cga::Tangent
 3D operations on Tangent types More...

Detailed Description

Operations for 3D CGA.

In many cases (e.g. Gen::rotor ) these just call the Generic nga::gen versions, however these 3D implementations are compiled into the libvsr.a library.

In some cases (e.g. Gen::motor ) there is no generic equivalent implemented

See also
Generic implementation in the vsr::nga namespace