versor  3.0
C++11 library for Geometric algebra
Versor (libvsr)

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version 3.0

A (fast) C++ template library for Euclidean, conformal, and arbitrary geometric algebras.

Currently tested on Linux and Mac OS X

Developer: Pablo Colapinto

gmail: wolftype

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Versor is a C++ Library for Geometric Algebra, sometimes called Clifford Algebra, a mathematical system for encoding geometric concepts numerically.


Some major revisions have been enacted that change the API.


NOTE: This documentation is currently generated by the devel branch in preparation for its release into master.

Though versor is designed to support any geometric algebra, this document focuses on 3D Conformal Geometric Algebra. Click on the Modules tab at the top of this doxygen-generated documentation to get started.



The library can be used for example as