versor  3.0
C++11 library for Geometric algebra
Todo List
Module direction
document twisting
Module tangent
document link to a paper on this
Page The Type System
finish this explanation
Class vsr::cga::Op

separate out the AA and Pos methods

eliminate redundancy

Namespace vsr::ega
make a simple 2d ega)
Member vsr::Multivector< algebra_type, basis_type >::get () const
make blades user-defined literals?)
Member vsr::Multivector< algebra_type, basis_type >::operator== (const Multivector &mv) const
use dot product, see Group
Class vsr::nga::Gen
explain or fix multivector methods like .translate() that ONLY work in CGA
Member vsr::nga::Gen::log (const GABst< algebra > &r) -> GAPar< algebra >
test generic dimensionality of this log
Class vsr::nga::Op
separate ND euclidean ops from ND conformal ops